Thursday, October 11, 2012

M16C/26A series Renesas MCU reverse

M16C/26A series Renesas MCU reverse, chip decryption, code


Key Features:

16-bit Multifunction Timer (Timer A and B, incl. 3-phase

inverter motorcontrol function): 8 channels
UART/Clock Synchronous Serial Interface: 3 channels*
10-bit A/D Converter: 12 channels*
DMAC: 2 channels
CRC Calculation Circuit
Watchdog Timer
Clock Generation Circuits: Main Clock Generation Circuit, Sub

ClockGeneration Circuit, On-chip Oscillator, PLL Synthesizer
Oscillation Stop Detection Function
Voltage Detection Circuit (M16C/26A and M16C/26B only)
I/O Ports: 39*
External Interrupt Pins: 11
Data Flash: 2KB × 2 blocks (Flash Memory Version only)
*: Spec of 48-pin version.

M30260F3AGP M30260F6AGP M30260F8AGP M30260M3A-XXXGP M30260M6A-

XXXGP M30260M8A-XXXGP M30263F3AFP M30263F6AFP M30263F8AFP

M30263M3A-XXXFP M30263M6A-XXXFP M30263M8A-XXXFP M30260F8BGP

M30263F8BFP M30260F3TGP M30260F6TGP M30260F8TGP

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