Tuesday, October 30, 2012

CY8C20247-24LKXIT Microcontroller Crack

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System resources provide additional capability, such as
configurable I
C slave, SPI master/slave communication
interface, three 16-bit programmable timers, various system
resets supported by the M8C low voltage detection and poweron reset. The merits of each system resource are listed here:
■ The I2C slave/SPI master-slave module provides 50/100/
400 kHz communication over two wires. SPI communication
over three or four wires runs at speeds of 46.9 kHz to 3 MHz
(lower for a slower system clock).
■ The I2C hardware address recognition feature reduces the
already low power consumption by eliminating the need for
CPU intervention until a packet addressed to the target device
is received.
■ The I2C enhanced slave interface appears as a 32-byte RAM
buffer to the external I2C master. Using a simple predefined
protocol, the master controls the read and write pointers into
the RAM. When this method is enabled, the slave does not stall
the bus when receiving data bytes in active mode. For usage
details, see the application note I2C Enhanced Slave Operation
- AN56007.
■ Low-voltage detection (LVD) interrupts can signal the
application of falling voltage levels, while the advanced poweron reset (POR) circuit eliminates the need for a system
■ An internal reference provides an absolute reference for
capacitive sensing.
■ A register-controlled bypass mode allows the user to disable
the LDO regulator.

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