Friday, August 31, 2012

Syncmos international Co., LTD

Syncmos international Co., LTD was formally established in Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan in 2001. It is under the MOsel Group, shareholders by the group members and staff. The Mosel Group has always attached great importance to the vertical integaration. From the market, research and development, before and after production of semiconductor, sales are key operations.

In addition to the vertical integration, The Group of Mosel desire to expand its non-DRAM product line to play the strengths of its semiconductor manufacturing and OEM. Syncmos was founded in this chance encounter, and specialized in embedded, volatie high order products.

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Part of the SYNCMOS decryption model are as follows:

SM59XX series decryption
SM5964    SM59264    SM59128          
SM89XX series crack
SM8951    SM8952    SM8954    SM8958    SM89516    SM894051
SM79XX series break
SM79108    SM79164              
SM59DXX series attack
SM59D04G2C    SM59D04G2L    SM59D03G2C    SM59D03G2L      

At present in the chip production date with G or S for industrial chip, the new version. In order to enhance the encryption features of the chip, Syncmos updated on chip constantly. The decryption difficulty of the new version is relatively high, so the decryption cost will be slightly higher, the decryption time more than one day to complete. Beijing sichip can provide SM series MCU attck, including SM8951 attack, SM8952 crack, The new version also can be decrypted, SM894051 crack.