Friday, August 31, 2012

MC68HC705C4A breack

The model can’t all list due to the variety of MC68HC11/711 MCUs. Please contact us for specific information.

MC68HC705 MCU attack MC68HC705C4A breack MC68HC705B16

MC68HC705 MCUs from Freescale are very popular on the market, which have their program
memory stored in a built-in EPROM (Erasable-Programmable-Read-Only-Memory) or OTP (One-Time-Programmable) memory instead of the usual ROM (Read-Only-Memory). The difference between the EPROM and OTP part, is that there is a window in the package on the EPROM version which makes it possible to erase it under an UV-lamp for re-use. On the plastic OTP part, this window is missing, thus the EPROM array cannot be erased. OTPs are normally packaged in plastic which ensures a low cost high volume product. we provide all the series of MC68HC705 MCU decryption,